2014 Monthly Goals 2014 – January

Friday, January 10, 2014
There are so many things I want to do and buy for the year 2014 like buying a new flat screen TV, tiling my front porch and redoing my entire bathroom/comfort room; but due to a legal battle that I am involved with, I might not be able to do much this year.

I work hard and I want to see results from my hard earned money so I came out with monthly goals that I can use as a guide. I don’t earn much so I know that I won’t be buying that flat screen TV I really like on the first month but I am saving a portion every month that will allow me to buy the TV in a year.
So, my January Goals are to:

ü Participate in the 53 weeks saving challenge and save P500 ($12) for the first month.
ü Save 50 pesos ($1.2) a day for a total of 1550 pesos ($37) and have our printer repaired.
ü Buy the January Glamourbox (a beauty subscription box) that costs around 600 pesos ($14.2). And…

That is pretty much it. It’s not that much but when you are a single mother like MUAH then you know that every single cent counts. I know the Glamourbox is not a need but I count it as my only splurge since I don’t go out, I don’t but clothes or any other kind of things for my own as most of my money goes to food and electricity.

What are your goals for the month of January? Do share it with me at the comments below and let’s try and do it at the start of every month and evaluate our goals at the end of each month.

I love you and miss you all!


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