Review - Extract Facial Cleanser, Maxi Peel Moisturizer and Sunblock

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Just check that acne scars!!!
Well, I am not a big fan of anything beauty. I'm the type that would just put on anything and go out. I do not spend time on beauty products or in the super market's beauty lane. But I want to change that. I want to look better and feel better. So I made a quick inquiry on a facial cleanser that I can buy easily on the supermarket that is cheap and effective.

While I was In Gaisano Mall, I made my way to the beauty section bought Extract Facial cleanser that was a suggestion from my cousin. I also purchased a moisturizer and a sunblock that apparently is important for a healthier skin.

What I love about this products are the good feedbacks I read over the internet and how cheap they are. I have been using them for 2 months now. 

Extract Facial Cleanser Green Papaya Calamansi

Extract Facial Cleanser was a suggestion by my cousin. Accordingly it is supposed to be mild, non-irritant and effective but I have to admit I do not see much result after a few bottles.

I think I need a new cleanser. Any suggestions? 

I need a facial cleanser that will erase all the acne spots on my face. It must be effective, cheap, easy to find and most of all CHEAP!!!

Maxi Peel Moisturizing Cream

I also bought Maxi Peel Moisturizing Cream. My mum used to use this after her cleanser and when I saw this in the mall I decided to buy a box. Its very cheap also and a box lasts more than a month.

Like - It gives result same as it's promise - soft, supple and smoother skin.  
        - The box lasts a long time, easy to find, cheap and most of all effective.

Hate - Nothing. 

Maxi Peel Sunblock Cream

I also bought a Sunblock still from Maxi Peel with SPF 20. I apply it on my skin every morning when I need to leave the house or even when I stay at home and the weather is way too hot.
With the kind of weather we have here in the Philippines a sunblock is a must. I love this sunblock because it cools my skin through the hottest hour of the day. Leaves my skin soft and supple. I can also put my favorite face powder over it then I'm good to go.

I heard and read a lot about the products mentioned above and I wish to stick to them. Well maybe except for the cleanser. I will be looking for "better" cleanser. I'm thinking of Maxi Peel Facial Cleanser but I heard that it causes peeling and irritation. I'm also thinking of Eskinol but I think I need something stronger.

I need a strong-but-not-too-strong to wipe away my acne scars. I had them for a long time now and I sometimes I think that they will stay there forever.

Do you know any products that can remove my acne scars?

Should I continue using the products mentioned above?

I know you have a product or two in your mind to share, please give a name and a review.


Dre Davis said...

Hey lady!  I, too, have had many acne scars in the past.  In fact, acne scars are one of the reasons I started wearing makeup in the first place.  On my blog I share my skin care regimen and will offer updates as I see progress.  

One practice I have found to be very effective and inexpensive is exfoliating my face 2-3 times weekly with lemon juice and sugar.  It takes a little time, but it is a very noticeable difference.  Another is tomato slices.  The vitamin A in them helps heal the scars.  Rose hip oil is another item that might reduce scarring. I've also read that putting yogurt on your face in the morning helps scars as well. 

I know you asked for specific products, but I'm not sure if we have the same products in our different locations.  However, I hope these suggestions help! Remember, the key is patience.  You may not see results immediately, but with consistency and a solid regimen, you will see improvement in time =)

iamlonelytoes said...

Thanks Dre for visiting. 

I think I will do the juice and lemon thing, the tomato slices and I will still I find time to go to the the mall to buy rose hip oil.

One question though - how often should I use the tomato slices and rosehip oil and durinf what time of the day!

Thank you so much for the suggestions!!! 

Dre Davis said...

You're very welcome!  You may not want to try them all at once.  I would suggest trying one and seeing how your skin responds to it.  I would do the lemon juice and sugar exfoliating after your morning cleanse.  And if you would like, give yourself a "mask" with the tomato slices on the weekends. Maybe before bed.  

I hope you get great results!

iamlonelytoes said...

i did the lemon and sugar ting last night and my skin loves it.

i think i will be doing this everyday! thanks!!!

Dre Davis said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like it!  

You may want to use it only 2-3 times a week, though. :)

Michellevillarin1986 said...

and also drink alot of water it would help though

iamlonelytoes said...

Thanks for the tip Michelle. 

I am not very religious when it comes to drinking water... I just remember after meals.... 

Edilberto_umblas said...

astig talaga ang S.I o samahang ilokano ciasi

Jasper said...

actually there is a rose hip oil, i just can't remember the brand name but it kinda rhymes with Skin White it is in a red and white box , said it can reduce scars but haven't tried it.

u can use exfoliants for example maxi-peel or RDL, but it didn't help on my scars, it only helped on my skin, it becomes white, and glows. but if u really prefer exfoliants i suggest use RDL because RDL is kinda strong which the peeling is isn't that visible unlike to Maxi-peel u need to buy their concealing cream just to conceal those flakes!

for pimples, i would suggest Clean and clear active clearing acne clearing gel, Yes it is gel which cannot dry skin unlike foam which can be drying, and it purifies your skin which is glowing. trust i tried, Anti-pimple soaps(defensil brand), ponds, and garnier they didn't have any effect.

for toners/facial cleansers, i would suggest RDL babyface, it can make your face supple, soft, clean, glowing and white it also has an active ingredients which can help in the healing process of scars and help also in the healing process of pimples and it makes the pores smaller and controls oil also!. trust me i tried Ponds acne expert and oil control, they did cleanse but didn't helped on my acne. i used eskinol but it didn't have effect. have tried belo also but oils kept on going and going.

for creams, Maxi-peel is good also, but garnier is good na din, it helps to conceal the acne scars, or The Quick Fix tinted moisturizer, tinted or it is a foundation but a moisturizer, just put a little powder after applying and ur good to go!

and for masks, i would suggest the Anti-pimple mask which can only be found on watsons and the garnier mask, it brightens skin instantly and iWhite mask which whitens deeply.

all of my suggestions is based on my experience and yes i have an oily skin and mild case of pimples but moderate case of scars. but because of clean and clear my pimples are almost fading away and RDL babyface Plain to help the healing process, smaller pores, whitens and smothens. i would love to try the rose hip oil and i will post here my picture after using the oil. Have fun using them! and another tip, Pateince would require because scars isn't a one day healing process it would take months :D

Music Music111 said...

How much in the Maxi Peel moisturizer and sunblock(the big boxes) in Peso??? :))) thanks :))))

iamlonelytoes said...

I bought the moisturizer and the sunblock for about 60 pesos each or just over a dollar each (biggest box)... 

i don't know from where you are but I hope you can get the product cheaply. smaller once are way cheaper!

Anonymous said...

thanks! btw you should try maxi peel solution (smallest) with eskinol cleanser (big)... it works ! :))

Jasmint83 said...

try rdl facial cleanser avocado..mild and cooling

Monix De Guerto said...

teh.. how much po yung bili mo sa Maxi Peel Moisturizing Cream at sunblock cream? hehe.. nakakaRELATE ako sau teh.. totoo lang ayoko rin talaga ng nagpapaganda.. kasi happy na ko sa sarili ko pero i want some change.. gusto kong maging maganda ako kahit na iniwan na nya ko >:D replay agad teh ^_^ TY

iamlonelytoes said...

pacenxa na natagalan ang reply ko. medjo busy sa life..

prices range from 50 - 60. its quite cheap and it last a ling time..

iamlonelytoes said...

50 - 60 pesos. depends on what store you will buy but its available on almost all groceries and pharmacies.

Dianne said...

Hi! I know it's been a year since you made this post. But I hope that you've changed your perception of what a cleanser does? Just in case you still have the same idea...

A cleansers job isn't to actually remove spots or acne. It's supposed to cleanse your face from dirt, makeup and clean your pores thoroughly. If you want your acne spots to disappear, then it's not a cleanser that you're looking for. Here are some ingredients you must look for in a product that can help in reducing spots:
* Tea Tree Oil
* Salicylic Acid
* AHA (Alpha Hrydoxy Acid)
* BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid)
* Retinol

You may also visit gossmakeupartis channel on youtube. He has a lot of advice on how you can lose your acne.

I hope this turns out to be helpful to you.

Melo08 said...

Hi,I'm the kind of girl na mahilig sa mga cosmetics.u knw wat just use maxi peel cleanser and put a little turmeric powder it's good tanggal agad ang acne mo!at puputi ka pa!

funmilayo said...

extract facial cleanser is good, continue using it

Swan Black said...

Hi. Try Dickinson's original witch hazel toner (choose the yellow one). It's available at all healthy options outlet.

jessa said...

hai iamlonelytoes,
share ko lang about extract cleanser na ginamit mo,.i've been using that product for almost 2 or more years,hindi nman masyadong efffective pero hindi ka magkakaroon nang pimples.its a cleanser lang remove dirt and make up lang.i dont prefer to lemon juice din kasi so makati sa mukha and u you know that we need mild to our face.dapat hindi kumakati yung mukha kasi possible na magkakaroon nang pimples.

Christine bandong said...

Hi :) just wanna ask kung nakakaputi ba yung sunblock ng maxipeel? Natatakot kasi ako gumamit ng brand nila since maraming nagsasabi na matapang naghahanap kasi ako ng sunblock for face eh yung afford ko haha thank in advance :)

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