Intimate Get-together w/ Fam for my Birthday

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Thank you, thank you very much!
Today is my birthday we had a good lunch. It was an intimate get together of my younger sister, younger brother and girlfriend with my nephew King Zeus, hubby  and baby Leroy.
My sister did make me a Banana Bread, under my supervision of course (she can't cook nor bake) and we had grilled milk fish courtesy of my brother. And hubby made me coffee.
My day went pretty well - we watched tv a lot, had passersby yelling “happy birthdays” and had greetings also from friends all over the world via facebook.   
On my previous post I said that we might have fruit salad but decided not too and we did not have the rellenong bangus. We had a pork recipe also that I don’t know the name courtesy of aunt Norma (my mama's older sister) and another pork recipe we call Humba or braised pork in English still courtesy of mama Norma.
Leroy loved the Banana Bread so much I think he consumed a slice little by little.

Such a messy eater!!!
I'm thinking of putting a smiley face down there but what the heck he's 7 months old! 

My nephew King Zeus! 3 months now!!!


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