Tomorrow is my Birthday!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Its 8:41 pm and in a few hours will be my 24th birthday!
Yey Me!!!! (Jumps around like London Tipton)
Since my mom died I never really get to spend my birthday as much as we used to do when she was alive but it’s ok! It’s been three years already of not having a cake but tomorrow will be different because my sister promised that she will make me a Banana Cake.
She doesn’t bake! She doesn’t even cook! One time I ask her to cook dinner for us and all she really needs to do is fry the milk fish and she forgot to put salt on it. LOL! We just laugh it out but it was bad!

First birthday also with Leroy!
So for tomorrow, I already found a very easy recipe for Banana Cake online. It’s very easy that I’m hoping that she will get this one right! My sister did try to help me with the cooking last Christmas and New Year – the Cut out Cookies and the carrot cake that I will be posting here next week!
Maybe we will have fruit salad tomorrow since we have  fruit cocktails available and all I really need are condensed milk and cream. I don’t know yet but MAYBE!
For a change I was hoping to do a fish recipe tomorrow but because of Bagyong Sendong fishes here from Cagayan de Oro and neighboring areas is not safe. With all the deaths and unfound bodies you’ll never know that the fish we ate might be hiding one of the bodies!
But fish from Zamboanga and General Santos are slowly making its way here in Cagayan de Oro – Just hoping the fish vendor is not lying that it is from Zambo and Gen San! Coz again – fish – dead bodies – my frying pan – NOT GOOD!!
I think Rellenong Bangus will be nice tomorrow!
And I am still thinking of a new year’s resolution. Have a few in my mind and will post it tomorrow together with my birthday updates!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! (STILL… jumping like London Tipton)


Gr8newme said...

Happy Birthday to you!  Tomorrow is my birthday also.  I will be 62!!!  It's so hard to believe.  I feel young, but it's not the same as you.  You ARE young!!!  Enjoy your day and be happy.  You deserve it.  Never stop believing that better times are possible..  They ARE!  I SWEAR, they are.  Happy Birthday!

iamlonelytoes said...

thank you for the greeting!

WoW! your 62! happy birthday!!! 

I hope you get what you wished for on your birthday!!!

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