The 7 Most Popular and Best Diets to Lose Weight

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Women always tend to go to break diets and indeed the promise of dieting is the New Year's resolution most popular in the world. Going on a diet is easy, but keeping it is not.
No wonder that even when there are so many wonderful diet plans in the world, very few people succeed.
If you are really determined to get in shape, then you could start with any of the best weight loss diets listed here.

1. Atkins diet - You should be familiar with the name of this diet invented by Dr. Robert Atkins in 1972, it is one of the most popular diets and reliable out there. Not only will it help with your weight loss in the short term but many fitness experts also recommend this diet for long-term goals.
It is a diet indulgent apparently no carb heavy restrictions as such, the only thing you cannot touch are breads and sweets.

2. The South Beach Diet - This diet consists of three phases, and like most diets, encourage the consumption of fish, eggs, low fat dairy products, lean protein as found in chicken or turkey, whole grains, fruits nuts and vegetables, which are a necessity.
Users are required to eat 3 meals a day, 2 types of sandwiches and dessert that are high in protein, such as those associated with eggs and dairy products.

This diet that makes you feel full while losing weight!

3. Dukan Diet - Invented by French physician Pierre Dukan, there are four phases in this diet that people can lose weight, is mainly based on the recommendation of foods high in protein.
Oat bran has to be eaten every day without fail and people should consume low in oils products.

4. Vegan Diet - PETA is urging people to go vegan and although the organization does for the protection of animals, this diet also protects you from many diseases and disorders. A vegetarian diet consisting of organic fruits, vegetables, grains and vegetables is sure to keep you healthy and alive for a long, long time.
One cannot eat birds, animals and insects and products produced by them such as honey, milk, eggs and many more. This diet is rich in fiber, but you have to check with your doctor if you can do without meat and milk.

5. Raw Food Diet - As its name implies, the raw food diet consists of eating things in their natural state. Salads and leafy vegetables are consumed mainly with light dressing and spices to make them edible. Fruits and vegetables are also consumed in its natural form, without cutting, cooking or sautéing.

6. Macrobiotic Diet - This eating plan has been followed by celebrities like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. It literally means "long life diet" and especially involves the consumption of grains.
Any type of refined or processed foods is a big no - no and only fresh vegetables and cereal dishes are allowed.
This diet is supposedly very good for longevity and providing a radiant skin and of course, weight loss.

7. DASH Diet - The DASH diet has an unusual name, which means Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is said to be suitable for those who want to prevent heart disease and lower their blood pressure. Salt and sugar are reduced to almost zero in this diet is a diet that U.S. government approved.

All major health institutes of the American country said that this diet is recommended for people who have reached middle age.

There are many super foods out there available to help you lose weight. Alternative snacks and meals that help get to your ideal weight without having the need to starve oneself. 


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