Itchy Scalp

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
The scalp starts to itch without warning for the most part due to the abuse of hair care product or the products you use that are too aggressive. Sooner or later, your head begin to erode in that part. It is recommended to use proper products and not to abuse products like shampoos, dyes, hair gels, hairspray, especially hair cuticle oil that when exposed to the sun could not only cause scalp itchiness but damage your hair altogether. It is strongly recommended to use gentle products.

Another typical cause of itchy head is when your head generate too much dandruff due to poor rinsing of the head when taking a bath or washing the hair which also tends to generate dandruff. It is important to properly dispose traces of shampoo in the head and you can do so by using plenty of water for rinsing.

An unbalanced diet can unbalance the body's nutrients too altering the state of the skin and increasing the possibility of producing flakes, in short, dehydration and nutrient deficiencies is unhealthy for the scalp and can cause dandruff and itchiness.

Sudden changes in temperature weaken the scalp, so it is necessary to protect and allow proper oxygenation of the area. It is imperative that the skin of the scalp, as in other parts of the body to regenerate and renew every 29 days, gradually eliminating dead cells to make way for other already renovated cells.

Other studies claims that itchiness due to dandruff may also be related to anxiety. Apparently, your mental status may result to dandruff. Who knew that is possible, right? 

In some cases itching occurs because there is excess fat, which is not due to a lack of hygiene but the characteristics of the scalp that occurs for no apparent reason. In any case it is necessary to regulate this type of hair and try to balance and control sebum productions through specific treatments to achieve a healthier scalp through purifying and restructuring the scalp without damaging it.

Due to all these causes and stress of modern life, try the head with focus and with products that do not harm the scalp. Use every so moisturizing treatment by specialists merely gives more life to the hair and protects and prevents the dreaded itch. A gentle massage will naturally activate the scalp and relax, help in some cases to facilitate the removal of dead cells and promote renewal.

Of course, there are many products you can find online that are proven and tested. If those products will work for you then maybe natural and home remedies will work best for you!

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