My Baby Leroy's First Bath

Sunday, August 21, 2011
As promised from my last post, I will show pictures of my baby Leroy's first bath. 

I gave birth to Leroy on a Saturday and bathe him after 2 days on a Monday. I do not know anything about bathing a baby so I was very thankful that my hubby's mother was there to help and to guide me. She taught me a lot about bathing and dressing and a lot more.

Leroy cried so hard that it makes me want to cry also. Hubby's mom said that its normal since the baby is not used to it and she's right coz after a few weeks of bathing, Leroy would just lay there and smile and laugh that you can never tell that he used to yell and scream. 

After the bath we dressed him and took more photos. 

                          Lola Daisy and Daddy Junjun(tito)

Leroy was my first and only baby, the one and only nephew to my sister and brother and the first and only grandson to my father (my mom passed away a year and a half ago) and same with my hubby's side - one and only kid to hubby, one and only nephew to his sisters, and only grandson to his mother and father so my Leroy gets everybody's undivided attention. 



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