Harry Potter

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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I love the Harry Potter books so much since I was in high school and I own all 7 books. I first heard of the book in my first year enrichment class in Regional Science High School (2001) the summer that I graduated in elementary. I then was looking forward to the book but money was tight then and never had the opportunity to actually purchase the book.

I had been reading paperback novels way before then and was satisfied with what I could borrow from classmates and that I could rent from a neighbor that rents them for 5 pesos or .2 dollars (really cheap).

So I actually read the first book when I was in 2nd year (2002) when a classmate bought it which he borrowed from his sister for our English subject. I begged him to let me borrow the book but he was reluctant since he is sure that his sister will get angry. He said that if I could return the book to him the following day that he might just let have it for 24 hours! 24 hours! How am I supposed to finish the book in 24 hours in between school, house chores and other obligations but I still said yes.

I read the book under my other school books during class, I read while eating my lunch and dinner, I read while walking back home and I read the whole night. I have too ‘coz my classmate (Angelo was his name) will take the book the following day. It was exhausting reading it but just had 2-3 more chapters to go when I went to school the following day.

But all those sacrifices were worth it. It was one of the best books I ever read that it makes me want to read it all over again.

It took me 5 more years to read the sequel. 5 long years… Money was tight and has to make do with what I can borrow.

I was in college when my mum got a visit from his American-Italian chat mate named Piero. Before he arrived, he asks my mama what we would like to receive from him and she simply said that I like to read. So he bought me 4 books from different author – Crichton, Dan and 2 more. I was ecstatic; it was the first book in my collection. When he left, he ask me again what kind of books would I like when he returns so I simply said Harry Potter. When he came back after 6 months he bought me 4 paperbacks – book 1-4 and an audio book of the 5th book. I was so happy I read them immediately and finish all three four books in 2 weeks including the first one. The audio book took me almost a month to finish ‘coz I can only listen to it at night at a very short period of time since I have class to go to and other responsibilities.

Another six months passed and the 5th and 6th paperbacks and other audio books and other paperbacks were given to me by him again and the 7th book was purchased by me in 2010. And that was when I finally completed my Harry Potter series.

What I like about the book was everything in it. The plot is amazing, the seven books was like one big book divided into seven parts. When you read the later books it was like just a continuation of the earlier without a hint that there’s a cooling period in each book before the sequel was written. In was out of this world.

The series will make you think that such world really exists. I mean come on, it explains why we can’t see them – they are using secret portals and there are charms that makes you remember errands when you get near there castles, it also explains why we can’t solve all problems with magic because they have by-laws too like you can not reproduce food and more. So how can you really tell that it is fiction when you could have encountered them then they had your memory erased?

The by-laws of the whole story is what makes is very realistic and charming.

I give this book series 5 stars!!!



Liz Schoonover said...

I <3 Harry Potter
it is my childhood.

lonelytoes said...

eepppppppp!!!!! so happy! my first comment!!!! finally!

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