Michael Crichton

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I will never forget the day when I found out that my most favorite author died. I immediately read his page in Wikipedia and I cried.  My mum got so confused that she laughed when I told her why I cried. 

The first book of him that I read was State of Fear in 2005. And from then on I have searched high and low in every book sale (I mostly buy books on book sale rather than buying them new) looking for his books. For now I own nine book:

Rising Sun
The Terminal Man
A Case of Need
The Andromeda Strain
The Lost World
Jurassic Park
State Of fear    

I know he have written so many books and it pains me when I can't buy some of his books due to financial reasons. But soon I'm sure, time will come and I will own all of his books..

If he didn't die he will have written more and maybe I would have met him and and ask him for his signature!

I Love you forever Michael Crichton!


LogAllot.com said...

Hasn't some of this books been turned into movies? I could of sworn a few have. You got me intrigued to read a book or too. I love reading, but I mostly stick to Marketing books and anything pertaining to history. Thanks for the recommendation.

lonelytoes said...

^ yes, a lot of his book was turned into movies, i actually heard about him first with his book turned to movie THE JURASSIC PARK!!

i hope you read a book of him, im sure u will love him too....

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