Baby Leroy's First Solid Food

Saturday, September 17, 2011
It’s been quite awhile that I noticed my baby is not satisfied with his milk anymore. I have made a research a long time ago on what to expect from your baby at certain months and accordingly this is one of the signs that he is ready to start eating solids but is expected to happen at 5 or 6 months. My Leroy is just 3 months and 2 weeks old so I was shocked at his fast development.

I made further research and list down all the signs that he is indeed ready to eat solids. Below are the sings that I saw in my baby but the list that I got from the internet goes on.

  • Asking more feeds than before.
  • Always hungry.
  • Drools more.
  • Curious at what people around him eats – his eyes follows your hands when you eat.
  • Chews his hands and drools.

Leroy must also be able to sit (supported or not) and hold his head up which he can so I was now sure that he can start eating solids.

I made further research on what kind of food should I prepare and how. There are so much suggestions but I finally decided to feed my baby only fresh and healthy homemade baby cereals. It’s more hassle than buying boxed cereals but its more rewarding, budget friendly, healthier and you know what your baby is eating EXACTLY!

So I bought rice, asks a neighbor (Mrs. Alilin) to powder it and I was good to go. It took me awhile to finally make a cereal with a good consistency that my Leroy actually enjoyed.

He love his first solid though he did push the food all the time and even now (it’s been three days that we started). But he is getting there.

And today I fed him his first vegetable- mashed potato in rice cereal with milk.
By the way: MY BABY IS A MESSY EATER or I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEED HIM PROPERLY - Hey! I'm a rookie mom so give me a break!


For your Information: I love reading this WEBSITE!


Melissa Fletcher said...

Hi Joriel,

I just want to warn you (from my own experiences) it might make him constipated. If he does however get constipated give him a table spoon or so of prune juice.. it will soften the stool! I fed my daughter at four months and it happened quite a bit.. its so hard watching them in pain :( Just don't feed him too much at one time :)


PS. thanks for following and commenting on my blog! I'm now following yours also, look forward to reading more about you and your family!

lonelytoes said...

^ i actually made a couple of mistakes!

when i first fed him his mashed potatoes was during the night. i should have done it during the day where i can go get help just in case. fortunately nothing happened..

and again i made the same mistake when i fed him his first mashed squash. and again fortunately nothing happened.

i will be feeding him soft boiled egg (neighbor's suggestion) tomorrow morning. the neighbor said it will be good for the baby.

- i love ur blog and thank u for following me...

lonelytoes said...

i am not sure though about the prune juice, im not sure where i can get that here in ph.

i do however have a bottle of castoria all the time...

thank u for the suggestion...

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