My Baby Turned to His back - FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Friday, August 26, 2011
At 3 month and 5 days my baby turned to his back for the first time. I cried! I honestly did, and so did our neighbor. 

I just can't believe that he did already. His milestones where very fast. At a week old and he can already hold and support his head and he was supposed to do that at 3-4 weeks, after a month he already started to smile and laugh when he should be doing that at 3-4 months!!! And now  he turned to his back when he is supposed to do that at his fifth month. He is growing way too fast! It scares me a lot that one day I'm not going to his priority anymore.He's growing way too fast.

Does your ancestors have supernatural beliefs? Mine have a thousand and for this situation i have to run and prepare the bible, a calculator and any English book (mine was a gift from my 20th birthday from my mama entitled "Learning to Love People You Don't Like). I have to hold that three items together and use it to help the baby back to tummy. After that you have to write the day and time to the bible and hide it. And that's it! Accordingly the bible will make him religious, the calculator will help him be good in math and money and business while the book will make him intelligent! Well I hope it works coz' i want all those things in him!

But still, his milestones scares me. Really really scares me.



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