Angel by Night; Devil by Day

Friday, March 23, 2012
I love my 10 months old baby. I love him so much that there is no question you can ask me what I am willing to do for him.
But I love him more during the night-when he sleeps.

He sleeps at six and wakes up at six. He will cry once or twice a night for his milk then he goes back to sleeping. 

I think he sleeps during the night to gather all his energy for all the things he do the whole day!

WARNING: Picture overload!!!

I think he is trying to help me...

Don't even ask me how he got there!!!

And don't ask me how he got out!

Leroy: Pretending that he can read!!!

I bought glue and tape to repair many of my damaged books.

Do you think he is fat?

I don't think he is fat...

Then what is he doing in my machine?

It is his most favorite spot when I bring him out.

The truth is I am trying to treasure every moment like this,when I am still his priority and not girls and school. Sometimes he gets to my nerves like "baby can you please give me time to rest?" and he would answer by ripping my books.

It is very hard being a single mom and I have to learn it by experience. It's hard even though I get a lot of help from my sister.

To LEROY: I love you so much baby that I am willing to let you do what you want but be there when you fall and cry for me. Well not right away, give it a little time for you to realize what you did and a little time to try and stand up. Then I will be there. I love you so much that I am willing to over look what you did to my books, that you peed on me all the time, that my earlobes bleeds because it's your favorite toy and that you pinch me when you have nothing else to do. I for get all of those things when you kiss me and smile at me and when you just hug me. I even love it when you cry for me when you are hurt. 


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