What I Wish to Accomplish this Year

Sunday, March 18, 2012
2012 is going to be my year and im going to make sure of it.

2012 is year of the dragon which is my zodiac (1988). Apparently it gives positive vibes and good fortune to those under its magical being.

In line of this I decided to do all the changes in my life this year and this post will entirely follow all the milestones that I have and will accomplish.

Below will be the check list for all the things I want to do and want to happen for the entire year. I have given this a thought for a very long time and I think it finally complete.

Things to do before 2012 ends:

- Kick hubby out of the house, DONE!
- Finish processing our inheritance money,
- Invest a portion of the inheritance money to may for the condo (see #5) ,
- Pack everything and move to Metro Manila with Leroy and sister,
- Get a mortgaged on the bank for a 2 bedroom condo,
- Get a job as a call center agent,
- Start saving money for Leroy’s education, and
- Sell or have our house in the province rented

Is this too much to ask??

Hopefully I will be able to do all the things I mentioned above as these plans will keep us alive for the next years.

And before this year ends I hope to buy some of the things that I have been wanting:

- A new camera,
- A new oven,
- A new dining table,
- A new bed,
- More baking utensils, and
- A new phone

I may not do or buy all the things I mentioned but I intend to do most of them specially the part about moving out and getting a job. We need to start anew. Get away from the house and not be afraid of changes.

I feel that if we don’t move out as soon as we can then we will be stuck in this place forever – jobless and penniless.

May the power of the dragon guide me in my journey…

How about you?
Do you have plans that you are meaning to do before this year ends?


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